The Arc Lekotek provides play opportunities for children who have developmental disabilities through monthly play sessions and toy loans. An elaborate toy inventory including typical toys and some specialized adapted toys provides children with hours of fun.

At Lekotek the emphasis is on the enjoyment of play. Children are permitted to use toys the way they wish as long as they are safe. Family members and friends are welcome and encouraged to join in play activities both at Lekotek and at home.
Lekotek also provides parents of young children with information about other services and supports they might need to help their family.
Newcomers can call 313-532-8524 for a FREE Play Session!

A Lekotek Success Story
One day during a Lekotek play session a little girl did a very surprising thing. I had a balance board in the room thinking it would be good to help her with her balance but most of all to have fun. Mom put her on it and we rocked her back and forth. She immediately got off not liking it. During the rest of the play session she kept looking it and the next thing we knew all by herself she climbed on to it and started rocking and laughing. We couldn’t get her off so they had to borrow it to enjoy at home.

Lana Richardson, Lekotek Play Leader