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March 2017 Calendar of Events

March 6 - Focus Group on the SIS (Supports Intensity Scale). Are you interested in providing feedback? At Community Living Services, Inc. 35425 Michigan Ave., W., Wayne, MI.  Two Sessions: 8:30- 10:00am - Case Managers, [...]

Gov. Snyder’s Proposed Health Budget

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is proposing a 2.8 percent increase in the state's fiscal 2018 health and human services budget, but no additional funding for mental health integration pilot projects or potential cutbacks in federal [...]

Empowering Parents

Click on the link below for information and tips on navigating the IEP process. Empowering Parents as Partners- Advocacy and the IEP Process 2017

Leaders in Policy Advocacy – Flint

Eligible applicants for these trainings are adults with DD and parents of minor (under age 18) children with DD. More information and application forms are available at: